Hi! Im Marc

Creating music is something that wakes me up in the morning and keeps me up at night. 

I am a multi-platinum award winning producer, mixer and composer based in New York. I have been lucky enough to have had multiple top 5 billboard albums, a #1 album on iTunes, and been told that my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are “pretty good if you are hungry enough”.

I have worked with artists like Weezer, Bad Religion, Motion City Soundtrack, Everclear, Ludo and many others. I enjoy working with up and coming unsigned artists helping them hone their sound and getting their music heard by the right ears.  My career covers almost every genre from pop to rock and orchestral to hip-hop.

I also am a composer and mixer for TV, Media and Film. Some of my credits include ESPN 30 for 30, Coke, Brain Health, SAP, Knife Skills and I scored the first 2 seasons and composed the theme song for the wildly popular YouTube show TapleTop.

Lastly I own and operate a drum sample and virtual instrument company called Smack Drum Samples

Let's make something awesome!

The Craft




I've been mixing music for almost 20 years. I feel that genre doesn't matter as long as a song moves you, it will move other people too. 



I am here to make your record not mine. I love the creative process and throwing a wrench into the machine. The best albums I've been apart of are the ones where everyone has a say and we all create together.



Film and Media composing is something I absolutely love doing. Finding the hidden messages in a scene or story and playing out that emotion through music is just an amazing feeling. Really!!!!


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